Shandaken Project @ Storm King Announces Residents for 2017 season


The Shandaken Project has announced the artists selected for its 2017 residency program, hosted for the third year at Storm King Art Center in upstate New York. A total of 19 artists, the largest group selected for the program to date, will spend their summer months residing on the 500-acre grounds while they work on projects in a variety of mediums including sculpture, painting, video, performance, dance, and poetry. 

The program will once again see former participants—Amelia Bande, Zavé Martohardjono, Lachell Workman, and Kristen Jensen—return to Storm King to present the fruits of their residencies to this year’s participants and the general public.

In a statement, Nicholas Weist, founding director of the Shandaken Project—a New York-based enterprise focused on helping multidisciplinary artists “create new pathways in their work”—described the residency as a chance for artists to enjoy “open space and unstructured time in the studio to create visionary work that transforms our world.”

The full list of resident artists:

  • Elizabeth Axtman
  • Marissa Bluestone
  • Chris Domenick
  • Ariel Jackson
  • Elizabeth Jaeger
  • Lucy Lindsey
  • Mark McKnight
  • Nyeema Morgan
  • Monique Mouton
  • Sara Murphy
  • Lydia Okrent
  • Elise Rasmussen
  • Anjuli Rathod
  • Hayley Silverman
  • Willy Smart
  • Danya Smith
  • Jerry Torre
  • Alex Velozo
  • Levester Williams