Icons & Allegories, Published by Bread & Butter


BREAD & BUTTER BOOKS is pleased to announce the release of it’s innagural title, ICONS & ALLEGORIES. Acting as a supplement to an exhibition hosted this past Spring at Sight School in Oakland, CA, the book collects work by 9 artists who employ a variety of mediums. The exhibition and catalog, curated by artist Mark McKnight, includes work in which the artists have assumed roles as motley as myth-maker and iconoclast and who, through either their permutation or scrutiny, have fashioned new cultural icons and allegories ripe with clandestine meaning.

With: Ajit Chauhan, Nancy Lupo, Simmons & Burke, Paul Schiek, Calvin Trezise, Peter Hurley, Whitney Hubbs, and Ron Jude.

Curated by Mark McKnight

Published by Bread & Butter Books, 2008

Saddle-stitched, 36 pages, full-color off-set, limited edition of 500.