Flash! Whitney Hubbs, Organized by Mark McKnight @ California Museum of Photography

Flash! contemporary art series presents Persistent and Falling (2015), a silver gelatin print by Los Angeles-based artist Whitney Hubbs. With Surrealist overtones, the work articulates rich black and white tonality, startling composition, and cinematic nuances to frame one of art history’s age-old subjects, the female nude. Artist Mark McKnight will guest author an original essay to accompany the exhibition.

Flash! contemporary art series features single works made within the last year. The exhibitions are presented on the third floor of the CMP. FLASH: Whitney Hubbs is the tenth exhibition in the series. Support for this presentation has been provided by M+B Gallery, Los Angeles.


“...the photograph no longer exists as a conspicuous reference to an art history full of reclining, nude, anonymous women. Nor is it merely a meticulously printed photograph. Instead we find it is a photograph that describes a woman reaching beyond the specter of her own shadow, her index finger scraping at the precarious surface beneath her. In spite of her stasis within the fixed image, one might imagine her continuing to fall—beyond shadow, photographic frame, and the very facade she so delicately tries to dismantle.                    
We might ask ourselves if this is a photograph about loss or desire. The picture would suggest that they are two sides of the same coin.                    
—Mark McKnight”